VitaCherry® Whole Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus)

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VitaCherry Whole Tart Cherry is a concentrated natural extract derived from the Montmorency cherry (Prunus cerasus), a sour cherry variety that is rich in beneficial compounds. VitaCherry confers a range of benefits, including joint health, improved sleep, increased exercise performance and cardiovascular health.

Joint Health
VitaCherry may help improve joint mobility and reduce joint pain and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. One study found that daily consumption of 480 mg of cherry juice concentrate (equivalent to 68 cherries) for 12 weeks reduced inflammation and improved osteoarthritis symptoms in women aged 40-70 years (1).

VitaCherry may improve sleep quality and duration by increasing the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. A study on healthy adults found that consumption of 240 ml of cherry juice twice daily for two weeks increased melatonin levels and improved sleep quality (2).

Exercise Performance
VitaCherry may improve exercise performance and recovery by reducing muscle damage and inflammation. One study found that consumption of 480 mg of cherry juice concentrate for seven days before and two days after a marathon race reduced muscle damage and inflammation markers in runners (3).

Cardiovascular Health
VitaCherry may reduce the risk of heart disease by improving blood pressure, lipid profile, and antioxidant status. A randomized controlled trial found that consumption of 60 ml of cherry juice twice daily for four weeks reduced systolic blood pressure and total cholesterol levels in older adults with elevated levels (4).

VitaCherry® Whole Tart Cherry is included in:

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